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The Great Escape by Annie Dimitrova 2004

The Greatest Escape!

Chapter 1
The butterfly

I’ve been here for a long, long time. I’ve been here for 15 days. I can still remember how these kids grabbed me & they put me in a jar. They wanted a butterfly, just like me. They wanted a very rare butterfly, I think for a project or something similar. Because they are putting chemicals and different liquids on me all the time, they’ve already changed my colour.
But I can’t take it any more, I really want to escape and I will do it! When that boy is going to put all those chemicals on and he opens the jar then, yes, I will do it. I will escape. Oh! I have to put all my powers together. I haven’t got a lot of time, because here he comes... He’s got an evil look in his eyes, like usual. But this tie he looks really angry, more than any other time. Probably because my colour hasn’t changed to what he wants and he has not got a lot of time. I am really scared! Here he comes. He has got again one of the liquids that make you feel pain at the beginning and then you feel very dizzy.
He opens really slowly the jar and he pushes his fat hand inside so he can catch me, but…
Accidentally he pushes the jar on the table and because he has got a very fat hand he cannot take his hand out. So this is a great chance for me to finally escape. Yes, I am out of the jar. I am flying free! Finally I am flying free! I will leave from the window. But oh, noooooooo! The other boy has got a net. But why? Can’t they let me leave? What have I done to them and they are being so bad with me? Oh! No! They put me back in the jar. For one more time they put me, back in the jar. Now I will never escape. Never! It was my only chance. Except if I wait until 10.00 pm. Then I will probably try to escape again, then I will be alone and no one will be there to scare me or to interrupt me. Then I will try again. Good, I think it’s time. I can’t hear them and it’s getting darker and darker. Now the problem is that I need to think a very clever plan so I can escape. Maybe if I just start flying into the jar, so I can probable make it roll, fall down and then break. Yes, that’s a good idea. I must take that risk and try. And… Yes, yes. It works. I am flying around the room. But oh! No not again. The glass made a very loud noise and it woke them up. Great. Just great. They put me in a huge jar now, where I can fly but I can’t leave because the glass is very, very thick. I will die into that jar and I will never complete my mission. Never! It will probably be better tomorrow. That night has been very long. I am too tired to continue. We will see what happens tomorrow.

Chapter 2
My mission

Not only they put chemicals on me, again, but they are taking me at school for their science project as well. Who knows what else are they going to do to me? I think they are going to cut my wings or my legs or maybe my beautiful antennas. I’m so scared. Just if there was someone who could understand me and help, if there was. I don’t want to die. Not before I complete my mission. But maybe it’s time for me to tell you my mission and to explain you why I am here on Earth and not with my family and friends in the sky at our castle. At the castle “Paragon”, which means life in our language. Well, most of the people are trying to kill us or they are doing a lot of experiments on us so I had to try to stop them. In my country, the place where we live I am the princess. So I have to take risks, if I want to protect my people. The people have got a crystal, which is ours. That crystal must be in the castle “Paragon”, from where it was made. But because of a reason that no one knows, the people have it, they have already forgot how important we are for them. See the crystal has magic powers. But if it is in the wrong hands it is not good at all. If the person who has the crystal is good, then everything will be all right and the people will not do something bad to the butterflies. But if the person is bad, then the people will start hating every creature and especially the butterflies, which is not good. So couple of days ago, when I came to Earth, I was following those kids, because I saw the crystal into their hands. It was not shining as usual, so I had to take action at once. I knew that when the crystal is not shining, the people who have it are not good and while I was thinking for some brilliant ideas to take the crystal back, they caught me and they did all those awful things to me. Now I am sure they are going to kill me, just for a stupid project. Now, I am really, really scared but something tells me that I will leave.

Chapter 3
The clever teacher

We are moving into a classroom. There are a lot of students. All of them are looking at me. The boys who have me look very proud, because they have got me. A rare butterfly and to relation to the other butterflies I have got the best colour. Maybe they have changed my colour, but I look more beautiful now. I am a very, very rare kind of butterfly now. You will not find another butterfly, like me. Just because my colour changed by chemicals. I think the lessons will start in just a few minutes. Yes. Here comes a teacher. She looks nice and clever. I hope she will understand my problem.
- Good morning class.
- Good morning Mrs De Bie.
- I hope everyone has completed the project.
- Yes, Mrs De Bie.
- Good, now let’s start. Hmmm! I can see some wonderful work. Dimitri & John, your butterfly looks terrific. Come up so everyone can have a look.
At least she saw my beautiful.
- Please explain us more, about your butterfly.
- Yes, yes. Well, she is beautiful and rare. We have being doing our best, with her, Mrs De Bie.
- I can see that boys. I am very impressed. It’s your best project of the whole year. I feel proud. Would like to open the jar so we can have a look, please?
- Oh, Mrs De Bie, we are terribly sorry but no. We cannot do that. She is going to fly away.
- O.K. but you can’t keep her forever in the jar. I mean she is not an experimental creature or is she?
- Ehhhhhhh. Mrs De Bie… You understand don’t you?
- What on Earth are you talking about? At the beginning of the project I explained to everyone, that the butterflies you will catch are going to stay just how they were at the beginning. You were not supposed to put chemicals on them and to change their colour and you did exactly the opposite. You should feel very sorry for that. Very sorry. Now, get out of my class at once! Take the butterfly with you and leave her to go. Otherwise I will call the police.

Chapter 4
The crystal

As well as you have already understood, we left from the classroom and we went back at their home. Of course you’ll wonder where their parents are and how they haven’t realized what is going on. Their parents are on holidays for about 1 month. For now they are living with their grandma. Poor grandma. She doesn’t even know how bad her grandchildren are. It is very late. Grandma Sandi is sleeping in her room. But her grandchildren are not! They are here, in their workshop, sitting on a sofa talking about what they are going to do with me and about… the crystal!
- Listing, Dimitri, we can’t keep the crystal here any more. You hear me? We can’t.
- Of course we can. Who knows and who cares? We’ll sale the crystal to someone with a lot of money and we’ll say that it’s worth millions of dollars. In that way we will take a lot of money for a crystal that worths nothing.
You think it worths nothing eh? You silly kids. It is the most expensive thing n all over the world. Anyway I hope I will eave away from you forever. With the crystal.
- I think that we should let the butterfly leave at first and then decide what to do with the crystal.
- Are you joking? No way!
- Yeahh… But the teacher said that we must let it go. Otherwise we’ll be in serious trouble. Think of grandma. She’ll definitely understand that something is going on, if don’t go to school and before we let the butterfly lave, we cant go to school.
- Nonsense! Who cares about Mrs De Bie, eh? Who?
- I suppose Mum and Dad will care about Mrs De Bie. You know very well how much Mum loves Mrs De Bie.
- Anyway I think it will be better if we go sleep now and tomorrow we’ll see what to do.
- What about if grandma asks us tomorrow why aren’t we at school, what are we going to say then smarty, what?
- We are going to say that we haven’t got school for 3 days because Mrs De Bie is very sick and she’s in the hospital.
- O.K. Goodnight, Dimitri.
- Goodnight, John.

Chapter 5
The lie

I think that they are going to let me go at last. Their teacher is really smart. She understood what as going on and she scared them. I really liked her and because she helped me, I will give her something special.
Here they are coming. Let’s see.
- I still don’t want to let her go. She has got a nice colour and she is rare.
- Yes, I know, Dimitri. But we must let her go.
- But I don’t want to.
- Dimitri, John, it’s time for school.
- Eh, grandma, we are not going to school today.
- Why? Is everything O.K.?
- Yes, only our teacher Mrs De Bie is sick.
- Oh! Al right. I see, I see. I suppose it’s going to be good if I make some cookies. What do you think boys?
- Yes, it’s a very good idea grandma. We will wait for you in the living room.
- O.K. Bring some games so we can play all together.
- O.K. grandma.
- Now we have to think something really quickly.
- Dimitri, don’t you think that we are in serious trouble already?
- Trouble? From who? Who’s going to put us in trouble?
- From who? Are you asking me from whom? Well, let’s see. At first from the police, because you know very well that we are not allowed having experimental creatures at our home. Then, think of our parents. They will be so upset, when they learn that and finally, from our school. We will be band from excursions and projects, which means that our reports are going to be the worst in the grade and I will not allow that! Do you understand me? I will not allow that!
- Listen, John, you must relax! Just relax! Try to think something nice and stop worrying about the butterfly. O.K.? It’s not the center of the world. It’s only a butterfly.
- Yes, but this is not what we were talking about, when we started the project. The deal was, we were going to catch a butterfly, only for our project, we were not supposed to change her colour and finally we were going to let her fly away.
- Yeah, right. But as you know, I didn’t want to have a usual butterfly, so I changed her colour. And… I want to keep her and I will. Now end of the story, I am not going to talk about it for the rest of the day.
- Boys! Come! The cookies are ready.
- O.K. grandma, we are coming. Now let’s go and have some cookies and a lot of fun and remember… Try not to talk about it, in front of grandma.

Chapter 6
The escape!

Oh, my goodness! I wonder when they are going to let me fly away, if they are. But anyway let’s see what happens. You never know.
- Dimitri, I will ask for one more time. Let the butterfly to fly away!
- John, try to forget it!
- I can’t! How can you be so bad? Just let her go!
- John, If I let her go, we are not going to be famous any more.
- Is that why you caught her? Just to be famous?
- Well, no. At the beginning, I wanted her only for the project. But then I saw that everyone wants a rare butterfly, so I decided to keep her!
- How can you be so stupid and bad?
- Do you know what? I am sick of you! Everyone likes and what have you done? Nothing! Absolutely nothing.
- Well, I suppose that’s why everyone likes me! But no one likes you.
- Well, that’s why I wanted a rare butterfly, nuf nuf! So I could be famous and popular!
- You are not going to be famous anyway, so let her go.
- No! I am not going to let her go. Never!
- Boys I am going to the Super Market!
- No, grandma!
- Ha, ha! Too late now, John. She has already left.
- Let her go, otherwise I will tell everything to grandma.
- Oh, really? And then I will tell her that it was all our idea. That you made me do it!
- How can you be so bad?
- Don’t push me!
- Why? Are you going to hit me? Ah, I am so scared!
- Stop it!
- O.K. come on. Let’s how brave you are.
- Stop pushing me! Stop it!
- Oh, really come on! You did not do something, come on, let’s how much you can fight.
- Stop it! Can’t you see I am bleeding?
- I suppose, it’s all your fault! Who started it? You! So it’s all your fault!
- Stop pushing me!
- Oh, no! The butterfly! It’s going outside the window! Stupid!
- Stupid? Who was pushing? You or me? You! So it’s all your fault!
- The net, the net!
- I don’t know where it is.
- Do something!
- I can’t and I don’t want to!
- No! it’s going away!
- Fly butterfly! Fly away!
Yes! Yes! I am free! At last I escaped! But wait a minute… The crystal! I must go and take it back. Yeah! In Dimitri’s bedroom. I have to hurry up. Hmm! I was right! Dimitri always lives his bedroom’s window, open. The crystal! It’s shining more than any other time. O, it’s a little bit heave, but I will be fine. Finally I escaped and I took the crystal back! Now I can return back to my castle, with my friends and family, to look after my people!

Chapter 7
The End!

Finally, I escaped! Yes! I made it. The only thing I can’t understand is how I survived! I mean every other butterfly should be dead, because having people who were putting you chemicals, for 17 days, it’s not a little deal! But I think I understand! Maybe the crystal! It was the crystal! Now I understood its magic powers! If you believe in something, as much as we believe in that magic crystal, then you will stay alive! That’s why the people want it so much the crystal. So they are not going to die. They will never die. But wait a second! I think, I am forgetting something. The teacher who helped me. Mrs De Bie. I promised I was going to give her something special and I will. I will give her a necklace. Of course, she will buy it but she is not going to know that it is magic. It will protect her if she stays as good and clever as now.
I can imagine Dimitri. Crying for his career as the most popular kid in this school. Because now, he has not got a project so he is not going to take good report. But again…John, poor John. He has to put up with his older brother. It is just awful. I hope Dimitri learns a lesson from the whole story. Because if he doesn’t as John says, he is going to be in serious trouble and it is all his fault.
I can’t wait until I get home. I can imagine my family asking me heaps of questions. But doesn’t matter now. I am fine. I missed them so much. But I think my journey stops somewhere here. I must say good-bye. I have to go back to my friends and family, to my people. From now on, I am going to b every careful with the crystal. It is very important for us and for the people, so I am not going to lose of my sight. I will not. Good-bye.
- Mum, Dad!

By Annie Dimitrova!


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