Monday, May 16, 2005

Little Red Mafia Hood

Hi! I'm a wolf! I'm the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, or should we say Little Red Mafia Hood. Here I am sitting in a court room for nothing. You know the story? Well this is my side.

Once upon a time lived a little girl called Little Red Mafia Hood but everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood cause of her coat. One day Little Red Mafia Hood went for a walk to her grandma's. She'd been waiting for this day for ages. She had her eye on her grandma's DVD player, her 33 inch plasma TV and her movie collection. On the way to grandma's house she dropped by a mafia club and picked up two goons. When I saw what was happening I had to warn Grandma so I ran to Grandma's house. When I got there Little Red Mafia Hood was there too and when she saw me she threatened me. She told me to eat her Grandma or she would get the hunter on to my family. I had to say yes! I didn't want to lose my family.

So I barged in! I didn't bother eating the Grandma and hid her in the forest. " Oh crap! I forgot to go back and get her". Oh well! On with the story.

So I told Little Red that the job was done and they stole the DVD player, the 33 inch plasma TV, the whole movie collection and a computer with a DVD burner. While they were there I ran off. Little Red sent the cops after me. Now I am here. Well at least I am only here till Wednesday.

Damon Ansell Grade 5


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